02 May 2008

Derby pick -- from the card catalog

For the first time in my life, I've watched all the Derby prep races. I've got a binder full of past performances, and can rattle off the horses by post position. I should be confident about a pick in this year's Derby, but like Sue at Post Parade, I still don't have a Derby horse. Fortunately, I've got a card catalog, and I know how to use it.

So sure, I stumbled onto Big Brown: The Untold Story of UPS, and I paged through an Alistair MacLean novel, contemplating what would happen When Eight Bells Toll, but eventually I made my way to the children's section. Perhaps it's a bit sad to see corporate America invading the world of juvenile literature, but despite the Tonka logo on the cover, I simply couldn't resist I'm a Great Big Monster Truck.

Sadly, I leave on Friday for a conference in Texas and will actually be finishing up a scintillating meeting about digital media on Saturday when Big Truck and the gang take to the field. (The things I do for the good taxpayers of Pennsylvania!)

Once again, a shout-out to the extraordinary John Blyberg and his amazing catalog card generator!