24 August 2005

Making tracks

After a relaxing weekend far from the madding crowd, the work week has turned hectic -- and a surprise visit from relatives will prevent us from visiting Mountaineer this weekend. Yet all is not lost. Surfing the web reveals there are others with similar interests -- and, I suspect, better betting averages!

One such is Alan at Left at the Gate who offers some commentary on the 1994 novel Scared Money by Marc Cramer in his recent post Stand Up. Apparently Scared Money offers advice on decision-making and playing the ponies in the guise of fiction. Not usually my favorite literary technique, but it sounds like the book offers some food for thought.

For instance, it discusses keeping records of your betting history, something I started after my first trip to the track. But I've not recorded how the wagering decision was made(while sitting sipping Iron City Light, standing at the rail fanning myself with a program, etc.) or made any notes on my reasoning. Frankly, it seems like a lot to track, but it may be worth it. Alan says that he's noticed that he thinks better on his feet.

As for me, I've noticed that all of my winners come after a trip to the paddock. Of course, so do most of my losers. I guess it's time to throw some more fields in the database.