11 March 2009

Considering Jeffrey's Cat

Yes, I know the horse racing world is all caught up in discussing Derby contenders. Yes, it's oh, so interesting to wonder whether Stardom Bound will take on the boys someday. And it really is righteous to give props to Einstein for a fine outing in the Big 'Cap.

But here at the Quinella Castle, we're still following those beloved claimers that we came to know -- and love! -- during our visits to Mountaineer. So folks, here's the news flash for this week:

On Saturday, Jeffrey's Cat, who's been racing at Beulah Park since December and faring poorly in the $3500 claimers there; Jeffrey's Cat, who hasn't won a race since September 2007, Jeffrey's Cat, who's now got a new trainer, Douglas Adams -- that Jeffrey's Cat returned to Mountaineer and wired the field at 19-1 odds. The 7-year old Catienus off-spring combined with 2nd place finisher 8-year old Right Nice for a $905 exacta.

* insert interlude for wild applause here*

Two years ago (almost to the day), when Jeffrey's Cat won at 17-1, I found myself quoting Christopher Smart. Now, of course, I must paraphrase Jubilate Agno again:

For Jeffrey's Cat won, at 19-1 odds, in the second on Saturday at Mountaineer.
For he was the quickest to the wire of any creature in the race.
For the handicapper is a mixture of gravity and waggery.
For there is nothing sweeter than a long-shot coming home first.
Congrats to the valiant gelding, always quick on the lead, and congrats, too, to trainer/owner Douglas Adams. So long (for now), and thanks for all the fish.


Madison and Floyd said...

Right Nice, indeed...but how come nobody told us? Hm? We're a little annoyed, frankly. Check out the bankroll--we could have used a 19-1 shot.

Tweetin Tony said...

Yee hee, everybody light up a joint and smoke it!!!!!

QQ said...

@Madison and Floyd - Sorry, guys! I forgot what inveterate feline bettors you two are!

@Tony - Here in Des Moines, smoked joints generally refer to some form of pork, not surprising in a city that is the home of BaconFest! Mmm, bacon!