24 January 2009

DIY Sunshine Millions Central

In recent months, the Quinella Castle has been going through some royal relocation upheaval, and so, it’s been a bit quiet here at Turf Luck. But nothing shakes us out of the winter doldrums like the Sunshine Millions. I feel warmer just thinking about it – and believe me, in our new locale, warmth is a big deal.

However, I’ve had trouble finding any sort of “Sunshine Millions Central” website, though it’s quite possible there’s one out there, cleverly hidden on one of those incomprehensible mazes that racing execs call a website. I’ve looked in vain for a single source that tells me which races are being run at Gulfstream, which races are being run at Santa Anita, when the darned races that comprise the Sunshine Millions actually begin, and where I can find past performances for the Millions races.

Such a site may be out there, but I didn't find it in my admittedly cursory search. What's likely is that there is indeed a wonderful resource that provides all this and more, if I but give lots of personal data and a credit card number. Racing so often tells the new fan: No information for you -- until you pay. I’m not sure this is a great way to market to a nation that’s made “Buyer Beware” a national motto, but there you have it.

To fill the void, your friendly neighborhood librarian has thrown together the following list of links to free past performances for all but one of the Sunshine Millions races. And if you're looking for some winners, check out Superfecta's selections.

I believe this is the order of the races, but, dear Reader, I must warn you: time zones are not my friends, math is not my strong suit, and really, I had hoped for a more knowledgeable source to do this for me. How I tire of this Do-It-Yourself era.


Chris Martin said...

HI Quinella Queen..thanks for posting the PPs for Sunshine Millions...good luck to you...the Derby is only about three months away..not that warms the cockels of my horse racing gambling heart!..good luck today..

Chris from suburban Chicago

Teresa said...

Welcome back! And thanks for doing this work--absurd, isn't it, that it's not concentrated? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Wind Gatherer said...

Welcome back, indeed.

Never underestimate the stupidity of the C-suite. A perfect example of the SNAFU principle.

Valerie said...

BTW, Thanks for the WV Derby glasses!! :) Hope you and yours are settling in there. Can't wait to hear your impressions of Prairie Meadows.

QQ said...

@Chris - Glad to be of service.

@Teresa - It feels good to be back!

@Winston - Ah, SNAFU indeed. Sadly, that usually covers the Quinella Castle as well.

@Valerie - Glad you got 'em. Make sure you put something good in them!

John said...

Ditto on the welcome back, I can't wait for that first post about life in Iowa for a racing fan.

Anonymous said...

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Betting Man said...

Can I echo everyone else's posts in welcoming you back? I'm a long time reader of the blog but this is my first comment. Can't wait for the Derby either!

QQ said...

Betting Man -- I'm delighted to hear that I have long time readers! Thanks for stopping by!

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