14 August 2008

Get 'em before they're gone

We've had a number of visitors here recently, and I plan on responding to them soon, but first this news flash:

DRF Press is having a sale! Some big savings can be had on a number of titles in the bargain basement, but the QQ Pick of the Litter is The Daily Double: both Laughing in the Hills by Bill Barich and Scared Money by Mark Cramer for the rock-bottom price of $9.98.

Barich's tale of his season at Golden Gate Fields has a certain introspective bent that I enjoyed mightily, and focuses as much on the people of the track as his wagering. Stories of trainers and grooms, jockeys and owners are interspersed with a smattering of comparisons to Florence during the Renaissance. Barich goes to the track looking for something - renewal? redemption? - and returns with something a lot like hope. It's a wonderul book.

Cramer is a well-known, and more importantly, well-respected horseplayer, and his novel Scared Money follows a financially-crunched musician as he tries to succeed at playing the ponies. The book offers a rare look at how horse players think -- and how thinking affects the number of tickets cashed. It's one of those books I re-read now and again for its insights.

Other titles available at reasonable prices include Champions (the ultimate reference book: past performances of champion horses from 1893-2004!), Six Secrets of Successful Bettors, and the lovely collection of racing pieces, Finished Lines.

Oh, and with the meets half-over, the Saratoga Trainer Stats and Del Mar Trainer Stats books are half off, too.

The DRF Press sale ends Friday, Aug 15 at midnight
, so you'll need to hurry to catch the savings. Of course, if you miss the sale, there's always your friendly neighborhood librarian to help you borrow a copy!


alan said...

Marc Cramer's little novelette is a must-read in my opinion; glad to see you brought it up, especially since you're now famous after your brilliant post of 8/8/08. I've posted about it twice, here and here....and I'm providing the links to promote the book, not my blog! Really! :)

QQ said...

Alan, thanks for the links ... I now realize that Left at the Gate is where I first read about Scared Money.

Winston...not really said...

Barich's 'A fine place to daydream' is also a great read.

I must check out 'Scared Money'...thanks.