27 March 2008

Strike looms at Mountaineer

Sad news from my "local" track: cashiers, video lottery clerks and other floor attendants have voted to reject the latest contract agreement from Mountaineer management. While it may affect some horseplayers' wagering, what is truly sad is this:

Union officials said the main issue is salary. Some employees make so little that they qualify for food stamps, the school lunch program and energy assistance."
Apparently, Mountaineer pays $2 per hour less than the casino at Wheeling Island Racetrack, or Presque Isle Downs.

This comes on the heels of news that Mountaineer has completed its sale of Binion's in Las Vegas for $28 million, which, according to CEO Ted Arneault will allow MTR "to focus on growing and optimizing its core assets."

I'm guessing Mr. Arneault doesn't realize that for visitors, those clerks and floor assistants are pretty darn essential.



Rising Rainbow said...

Not to mention, probably core assest themselves.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, QQ, but if they had to pay more, they would. Look at E. Liverpool, Hancock County, the surrounding area. Where else are you going to work? My guess is most of the small businesses in the area probably pay less, or at least, no better, and the jobs are few. Hubby laughs at the improvements to Chester from the expansion of gambling = more pawn shops.

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