23 October 2007

Slight diversion

I've been "tagged" by Rising Rainbow for one of those meme things that make their way across the Internet tubes. Apparently I'm supposed to post 8 things you don't know about me. I'll take a stab at it, because anyone who writes "QQ, the Quinella Queen, from Turf Luck my favorite horse racing blog," is someone we want to keep happy. (Yes, Rainbow, you made my day!)

And away we go:
1. I had my own booth at a local flea market at age 8, selling all matter of "junque". Even my mother doesn't know that while waiting for customers, I read the True Confessions magazines our neighbor gave me to sell for her. Pretty spicy stuff for an 8 year old.

2. I knew the Mighty Atom and his protégé, Slim the Hammer Man. Both performed feats of strength near my hometown. After performances, The Atom would sell bottles of his tonic to the crowd. When his throat got dry from talking to the crowd, I was the kid who would fetch him a glass of water. It wasn't until I read his biography that I learned his real name.

3. I've sold horse feed to Walter Farley, the creator of The Black Stallion. Every now and again, my grandparents would let me ring up the sales in the feedmill they owned. (OK, longtime readers may remember that I blogged about this some time ago. But I thought Rainbow would like it.)

4. I've only ridden horses bareback. Make that "horse". One of my high school friends would bring Ned, a dear grey gelding, to my house, then we'd ride, very slowly, throughout our little town. I had to stand on the porch to get on, and the lack of reins always made me nervous.

5. I got married on Super Bowl Sunday. We decided to get married on Tuesday, got the blood work done on Wednesday, and on Sunday, the wedding party walked from the JP's office to our favorite sportsbar. I think this proves that the King of the Quinella Castle is a lucky man.

6. I attended the 1999 Nebula Awards Ceremony. No red carpet, no swag, but those science fiction folks throw a really nice party.

7. I don't balance my checkbook. I have never won a dispute with bank, so this frees up some time for things like irregular blog posting.

8. I really do play the Breeders' Cup picks I get from the card catalog. It may sound crazy, but last year, that odd catalog pick in the Juvenile won at 15-1. Tomorrow, I'll see what the catalog holds for this year.


Rising Rainbow said...

You're right, I did like the Walter Farley one. He wrote about Arabian horses, no less!

You must have done that post before I got into blogging, because I don't remember it, and I don't think I've missed reading a post.

Also, it sounds like I need more information on the card catalog you're talking about because I haven't a clue. But it sounds interesting.

Thanks for playing!