12 September 2007

QQ responds

Since my last post, the King and I have been hiding out in the remote Pennsylvania Wilds -- far, far away from the basic accoutrements of modern life, like televisions, computers, or even cell phone reception. So, please forgive me for being remiss in responding to those dear readers who left comments while I was gone; I'll try to make up for it now:

alan - Yes, it was fun. The patio was pleasant, the beer was cold, and I went home a winner -- even though Presque Isle Downs, like other Pennsylvania tracks, does not offer my favorite wager. But you know my slogan: Box that exacta and call it a quinella!

saratoga shawn - I haven't seen any of the Presque Isle camera work, but I'm not surprised that it wasn't up to snuff yet. The good news is that it can only get better, right?

rising rainbow - Aw, two hours is nothing. We travel days to get to the Belmont Stakes!

lorelei - I don't think you have to worry about Kentucky Downs getting a bad rap. It's been my experience that folks in Kentucky know what they are doing. And yup, it's said "Presk Isle", though I kinda like saying Pikachu myself. What is a bit unfortunate is the track abbreviation that appears in the past performances, since "PID is often associated with sexually transmitted diseases." (Wikipedia) I'm guessing that's not the kind of association they're after. By the way what is the TPTB? Hopefully not a sexually transmitted disease.

anonymous - Gravel bottomed stalls? The Last Filly was right: they weren't quite ready for the big day.

suebroux - Yes, there is no jumbotron, we have no jumbotron today.

valerie - We, the PA taxpayers, paid for this?! If I'd have known, I would have demanded a jumbotron! And a grandstand.

Thanks all for stopping by, and thanks, too, for refraining from comments on the quality of the photos. Fortunately, The Last Filly has a great camera, and she knows how to use it -- those who would like a better idea of how things look can take a peek at her shots from Presque Isle's first day. Meanwhile, just so you know how much worse the photography at Turf Luck could be, here's one of our pics from Elk State Forest:


Nellie said...

Oh come on, attribute that STD crack to me :) Or... wait. Maybe not such a good idea :p

Re: gravel stalls... they won't have the stall mats in until after this meet is completed. It really isn't that difficult and I find it hard to believe that anyone would build a stall nowadays without installing them.

lorelei: Kentucky Downs is safe, I'm sure. The problem with PI (I'm sorry ... I can't... I made too many notations on bones for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease during one of my classes) is that it's painfully obvious that the racetrack was the equivalent of a post-it note.

Thanks re: my film skills, although I beg to differ (I was tempted to post some of my old stuff in order to defend myself!). Remind me to show you the ones where it's obvious I had taken my glasses off. *ahem* Someone might have pointed out that maybe that wasn't such a good idea...

Valerie said...

OK, now you have GOT to go on Saturday to the races...Bernie Blue is running in the NW PA Handicap!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Well, I would be willing to travel days to the Kentucky Derby if someone would go with me, otherwise I'd probably get lost and never make it.

Saratoga Shawn said...


I can say that the camera work at Presque Isle has improved after the first couple of days.

Wish I was close enough to visit the track in person!