04 August 2007

WV Derby now on ESPN Classic

Thanks to Barry Bonds and his continuing quest for the home run record, the WV Derby will air on ESPN Classic. Reader Valerie said it best:

Urgh! Did you see that because of stupid Barry Bonds, ESPN has shifted the race off its main channel and to ESPN Classic? Bonds was a jerk when in Pittsburgh, and he still curses the region after all these years. Everyone should just walk him for the rest of the year.

Curses, indeed!


Valerie said...

At post time, ESPN is showing (gag) TENNIS!! Quarterfinal action...so obviously they moved coverage of THAT to accommodate Barry Bonds? That just sucks!

Rising Rainbow said...

Hum! When will the networks get horses are where it's at. We need more horses, racing, eventing, the whole nine yards.

Obviously I'm no fan of mr bonds either but I am a fan of horses.