03 August 2007

Quinella Queen asks -- and receives

Put the message in the box
Put the box into the car
Drive the car around the world
Until you get heard
World Party

I've been heard! After last year's WV Derby, I mentioned being disappointed with the call of the race:

I'm not sure who ESPN brought in to call the race, but I was unimpressed. (You can visit NTRA to hear it for yourself.) Maybe some year they'll let Mountaineer's excellent Peter Berry make the call. (Turf Luck, Aug 12, 2006)
Well, some year has arrived. Bill Mooney reports that Peter Berry is to be the voice of W. Va. Derby. Ah, the power of the dreadful blogger! OK, it's more likely that there's some other cause for this, but still, it's wonderful that folks around the country will get to hear Berry's lovely Australian accent make the call.

Meanwhile, there will be some big names gracing Mountaineer on Saturday: Randy Moss, Jay Privman, and Jerry Bailey will be there, not to mention yours truly and the rest of the Castle crew. Hmmm.... let's test this powerful blog thing:

I'm thinking that it's a shame ESPN doesn't invite local bloggers to sit in the broadcasting tent with Bailey and Moss. Maybe some year they'll invite Mountaineer's own Quinella Queen to join them.


Neal said...

Peter Berry as race caller is excellent news. Especially replacing Dave "Down the Stretch they come" Johnson.

Valerie said...

Urgh! Did you see that because of stupid Barry Bonds, ESPN has shifted the race off its main channel and to ESPN Classic? Bonds was a jerk when in Pittsburgh, and he still curses the region after all these years. Everyone should just walk him for the rest of the year :) Oh, and I mailed that book yesterday so you should be enjoying it this weekend.

QQ said...

Neal - I was being kind and never named that down-the-stretch guy!

Valerie - I never liked that Barry Bonds, especially since he couldn't hit in the post season to save his life!