18 September 2006

Jay Hovdey makes me cry

In the 1975 book, John Chancellor Makes Me Cry, Anne Rivers Siddons described her reaction to the evening news. I had a similar reaction while reading the Daily Racing Form, when I came across the ever-excellent Jay Hovdey's latest column: Vigil for an ailing champ, an update on Lost in the Fog and his connections.

"There is nothing but heartsick worry these days among the people closest to Lost in the Fog, the Eclipse Award sprint champion of 2005 and the most popular horse to come out of northern California since Seabiscuit."

Hovdey quotes trainer Greg Gilchrist:
"Two days ago he had a pretty bad day," Gilchrist said. "He walked for a little while and then just laid down in his stall. After awhile he started lurching, and his gums went white, like some kind of awful colic. Then before too long he was up again, acting like nothing happened. I'm not sure I want him to go through too many more days like that."

And owner Harry Aleo:
"We'll give these next two chemo treatments for Fog a chance and then let them measure the tumors," Aleo said. "If they haven't been reduced, no more chemo. We'll just try to keep him comfortable. But when he starts to hurt, and stops eating, we'll know it's time."

It's just so sad.


Tote Board Brad said...

Good garden, I know. I read that and it was just crushing.