29 August 2006

Catching up

Though it seems like it's been ages since I've posted about books, I really have been reading madly for the weekly book section at the Racing Saratoga blog. If you're in need of some recommendations, take a peek at the Reading Saratoga posts on the following titles:

* They're Off by Edward Hotaling. A delightful history of thoroughbred racing at Saratoga.

* Saratoga Fleshpot by Stephen Dobyns. An effervescent mystery novel set at the yearling sales.

* Racing My Father by Patrick Smithwick. Memoir by the son of steeplechase jockey Paddy Smithwick.

* Saratoga: The Ultimate Racing Experience by Frank R. Scatoni and Horsephotos. Gorgeous photos from the 2003 Saratoga meet.

* Graveyard of Champions: Saratoga's Fallen Favorites by Bill Heller. Breezy accounts of some of the sport's greatest upsets.

* The Big Horse by Joe McGinniss. Follows the 2003 Saratoga meet from the perspective of P.G. Johnson, trainer of Volponi.

Of course, there's lots more good reading at the Racing Saratoga site, due to the prolific output of TBA's resident guru, Alan, who's still posting semi-regularly at Left at the Gate. And getting published in the Saratoga Special. The man is like a tremendous machine!

Here at the Castle, though, we've been listless of late. We look at Barbara Livingston's website and sigh. We travel to strange sports bars to watch the Travers, and find ourselves the only people cheering during the race. Yes, we're beginning to embarras ourselves.

I suspect it's due to all of this reading about Saratoga -- it just seems to have whet our appetites for something more. Additional visits to our dear Mountaineer Race Track do naught to satisfy the hunger. And so, the King has decreed: load up the carriage, baby, we're off to Saratoga.

Sorry, but no new posts till after our return from the Woodward. It's a royal decree.