21 July 2006

The prodigal princess

Patrick's done it.
Kentucky Joe's done it.
Our missing-in-action Suebroux's done it.

They've all taken their daughters to the track. And at last, this past Sunday, I got to do it, too.

The Princess has been spending her time studying elk and moose -- and God only knows what else -- in remote locations far from civilization and racetracks. She's back at the Castle for a brief respite from sleeping on the ground and bathing in clear mountain streams, so of course, it was a perfect time to introduce her to the sport of kings. She brought along a young lord from Louisville, who scored big points with the King & I for explaining the art of handicapping to the oft-times impetuous princess.

The Princess and the Lord from Louisville at the rail
Of course, we didn't pay enought attention to the tote board, and we wagered rather whimsically -- but we did spawn a new railbird.

Parking at Mountaineer: $0
Daily Racing Forms for the gang: $10
Gin and Tonics for the night: $10$25
To see your oh-so-mature offspring jumping up and down at the rail: priceless.


Tote Board Brad said...

A suitor that can read the form....Very cool!