26 October 2005

BC picks -- from the card catalog

As a member of the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance, I've been asked to post my picks for the Breeders' Cup. Regular readers realize that I'm no Brad Free, merely a novice at this sort of thing. Still, as a librarian, I can offer the following selections (with tongue firmly in cheek!):

Juvenile Fillies
The librarian's choice in this race is obvious: Go with Dewey 398 - Folklore. A horse with its own Dewey Decimal number has got to be a winner!

Again, another outstanding choice is available for the literature fiend that lurks in so many librarians. Ivan Denisovich, protagonist of Solzhenitsyn's classic novel, is a pick that simply can't be resisted.

Filly and Mare Turf
Here the selections get murkier, but children's librarians will understand the appeal of Flip Flop. Allusions to flip-flops abound in juvenile literature, but this horse most reminds me of Katherine Paterson Flip Flop Girl, which features a heroine who dreams of fame and glory.

Another tough category for the literary handicapper, but I'll go with Lion Tamer, in homage to prolific young adult author Peter Dickinson and his collection, The Lion Tamer's Daughter and Other Stories. The title story features a doppelganger,and it just might take an evil twin to beat the favorite in this race. (Yes, I'm ignoring Lost in the Fog by Loretta Krupinski; it just doesn't seem right to use a picture book about a boy rescued by geese to make a pick.)

Possibly my weakest selection, here I suggest Singletary, as Michelle Singletary is quickly filling up the 332 shelf with her personal finance books. True, Limehouse prances all over the fiction section, popping up most frequently in titles by Thomas Burke, but libraries seldom have these books from the 1920's and 30's anymore.

Here I'll have to go with Hollywood Story; librarians know this type of thing as "the books that circulate". Examples are legion.

This pick, Shakespeare fills rows of shelves, though the books there are only checked out by students.

Though it's tempting to highlight Jack Sullivan, for editing The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural, I simply must go with Super Frolic...

'cause that's what this post has been. Good luck on Saturday!


Patrick said...

Awesome job. These are the best picks I've seen all day. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a theme, and I think you've got some good ones in there.