01 August 2005


After a childhood spent with Walter Farley books, most notably The Black Stallion's Filly, I've at last visited a racetrack. Though I expected to see desperate men with stogies or hat-wearing socialites, instead I found ... friendly people and beautiful horses. A place where hope and defeat mingle with intermittent, subdued joy. A place where everyone is reading, reading, reading the track program or the Daily Racing Form. A place where high rollers and cheap skates can share the rail as the thoroughbreds thunder on the finish line. A place where sometimes you win, more often you lose, and always you know there'll be another race -- and another chance.

As I learn the ins and outs of the track, you're welcome to come along for the ride as a librarian learns to play the ponies.


Christopher said...

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Mini-Mondo said...

You never fail to amaze me. Terrific writing style. If the ponies do not work out, you have the makings of a heady writer. May you find the opportunity to really showcase your talents- you have a lion's share.